Why Keimyung GMBA?

Here are the highlights of Keimyung GMBA.

The First Professional Global MBA in Daegu-Gyeongbuk Area

Keimyung GMBA is the only professional MBA program in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk area approved in 2006 by the Korean Ministry of Education. To foster management professionals, Keimyung GMBA requires 45 credit hours for the degree while other MBAs in Korea require only 24 credit hours. As GMBA program offers all the courses in English, it is a unique program outside Seoul.

Guaranteed Employment Opportunities

Demand for MBA grows increasingly each year. MBA degree from Keimyung University will certainly lead you toward a better job and enhance you career in your respected industry. Internship opportunity at respected firms in various industries in Korea will be arranged along with Job interview sessions during the GMBA program.

Fostering talented individuals who lead the marketplace

GMBA at Keimyung will inspire you, broaden your perspective, and build on your enthusiasm. Creativity and innovation are the core values we emphasize to our students, who will play a key role in the marketplace.

Global Standard Learning Environment

Highly competitive faculty members from around the world will exceed the expectations of students who will benifit from their enthusiasm and motivation. Professors will lead students toward excellence in their studies.

Learning Korean Language and Culture

Specially guided intensive programs to learn about the rich Korean heritage, culture and language will be held at Han Hak Chon, the traditional korean house settings on campus during each semester.
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